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Second Innocence                                                                                                             Rediscovering Joy and Wonder
A Guide to Renewal in Work, Relationships, and Daily Life
By John Izzo  - (
Berrett Koehler 2004)

Is it possible to age and keep the sense of wonder about life that we had when we were young? Can we age without becoming cynical? Is it possible that our willingness to hold on to our innocence and idealism influences our ability to discover joy in our lives and make a difference in our world? Does our experience in the world take away our innocence, idealism and sense of wonder or does our choice to give up those qualities shape our experience?
Many people have become more cynical and skeptical about business, government, the world, about whether one person can make a difference, and our ability to create a healthy society where our children and families are safe.  In his new book, Second Innocence: Rediscovering Joy & Wonder, respected business advisor and former minister, Dr. John Izzo, suggests that only if we are willing to reclaim our innocence and idealism can we hope to create better communities, better families, better workplaces, and ultimately a better world.

As children we do not choose to be innocent--it is simply our nature.  We begin life with a native enthusiasm, a sense of wonder, a firm belief in ourselves and others, and a willingness to engage deeply in our days without fear our guilt.  Most of us, in our youth, believed that we could change the world in some small but significant way. Yet, as we matured, our innocence met disappointment, embarrassment, scientific fact, betrayal, financial concerns, the evening news, and so on. Slowly our natural innocence slipped away from us.  Second Innocence explores the ways we can rediscover innocence in our lives and use that innocence to renew our life in four realms--daily life, relationships, work, and faith.

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ISBN: 1-57675-263
Pgs: 184
Publisher: Berrett Koehler Publishers
Our Price 14.95US – 19.95 CAN

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