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The Great Workplace Series



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The Great Workplace Series is a group of select messages from workplace culture expert Dr. John  Izzo. These thought provoking vignettes will challenge all individuals in your organization to create a culture of excellence and to make a bigger difference in the lives of the people they serve. Whether used to start a meeting, performance review, spread a unique message throughout your organization or set the tone of a conference these messages are designed to influence the front line or the executive suite. All individuals need encouragement and reminders to “Make Someone's Day” or to  adopt a “100/0”  attitude when it comes to their own responsibility within their workplace.

We have created nine vignettes divided into a series of three DVD’s. Each DVD focuses on a different arena of work: Personal Success, Creating a Healthy Workplace and Creating Workplace Excellence. These  nine unique lessons will inspire your people to action and assist you in building a workplace culture that attracts, inspires and retains great people. 

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The Great Workplace DVD Series
9 Vignette Series

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