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January 2005

Jan. 4 CIBC Halifax, NS

Jan 5 CIBC Halifax, NS

Jan 6  US Cellular Waukesha, WI

Jan 7  Learning Network San Diego, CA

Jan 11 CIBC Regina, Sask.

Jan 13  St. Judeís Anglican Home Vancouver, BC

Jan. 14  CIBC Toronto, Ont.

Jan 19  Conoco Phillips Canada Calgary, AB

Jan 21 Rock Bottom Restaurants Colorado

Jan. 25-27 Mercy Medical Center Sioux City OH

Jan 28th Pepsi-co Toronto Ontario

January 2005

Feb 3 , Human Resources Professionals of Ontario Toronto, Ont.

Feb 11  Charles Schwab Berkley, Ca

Feb 12-19 VACATION

Feb23  Hostess Frito-Lay Halifax, NS

Feb 25  Aggregate Producers of Ontario Ottawa, Ont.

March 2005

Mar. 1 Conference Board of Canada Vancouver, BC

Mar 5-9  TGIF Restaurants Bahamas

Mar 10  Golden Corral Restaurants New Orleans

Mar 13  NCCBH San Francisco, CA

March 22  Manor Care Minneapolis, MN

March 24-28 Easter Holiday

March 29-April 4  Skiing in Whistler with Family

April 2005

Apr. 6  Td Canada Trust Toronto, Ont.

Apr. 11  National Chaplainís Conference Albuquerque NM

Apr. 12 RARE Hospitality Savannah, GA

Apr. 23  Brim Healthcare Allegheny, VA

Apr. 26 May2nd Manulife Financial Cancun Mexico

May 2005

May 3  IARW Hyatt Lake, Las Vegas

May 13  Planned Parenthood San Francisco, CA

May 17  DAC Group Clear Water, Fl.

May 18t Canadian Marketing Association Toronto, Ont.

May 20  Edward Hospital Naperville, Il