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Programs -Olivia McIvor


"Everyone was thrilled to have been able to attend and will be taking what they have learned and applying it back at their workplaces. The overwhelming comment was that now they understand why the different generations respond differently to the same situation. Some even said that now they may understand their kids better. It was a great presentation, informative and educational. This should be something presented in every workplace."

Del Windrum, SSMLT Executive Director


Four Generations – One Workplace How to Bridge the Gaps and Thrive in the Future

The 90s are over, and tough times (that is, normal times) are back. Winning and keeping talented people has become one of the top concerns of today’s managers and business owners who are determined to weather the turmoil and emerge with the strength to dominate their industry. 

How can organizations create high levels of commitment and engagement? With employees’ values shifting, how must leaders shift their thinking and behavior? Olivia McIvor offers powerful and practical ideas on what managers can do to increase employee loyalty while responding to changing expectations. By defining the new work ethic and what it means for business, this visionary expert on engagement, retention and corporate culture will help you understand:

  •  Why Pre-boomers, baby boomers, generation Xers and the net generation view work differently, and how new leadership strategies can bring out the best in all three group

  • The fastest, most effective ways to encourage employee loyalty at every level

  • How to attract and keep the most talented employees by meeting the six major expectations of the workforce

  • How to build the bridges that will be crucial to your organization in difficult times

  • How to sustain employee engagement by making work more than just a way to make a living

This workshop is not for HR professionals only, but for everyone that cares about creating a new vision of work and is prepared to be the change until they can see the change.

This program can be a keynote, breakout, session or a full-day program.


Leadership Values Shift: Engaging the New Work Force

Our values and expectations at work are changing and changing fast. It is critical that leaders and managers understand these emerging values and gain practical ideas on how to win the commitment of the new work force. In this inspiring and practical keynote, Olivia will identifies the six emerging work values (Partnership, Balance, Trust, Community, Growth & Development, & Noble Cause) and helps us see the implications of these trends. From the new practice of “serial retirement” to the rise of “choice” as the mantra of younger workers, Olivia will provide a fascinating journey to understand the new work values and to understand what leaders must do to gain the commitment of today’s employee. Based on John Izzo’s highly acclaimed book Values Shift: The New Work Ethic & What it Means for Business  (Prentice Hall 2000)


The Passionate Workplace: Creating ‘Buzz’…at work

Over the last several years, an increasing number of organizations and leaders have become interested in creating more spirited, soulful workplaces a work place with BUZZ….. Indeed, the deepest commitment comes from those who experience work as more than a way to make a living but as an expression of their values and desire to contribute. In this keynote, Olivia will explore four paths to finding more purpose and success while at the same time creating a certain BUZZ about the organization. This program will help attendees at all levels discover practical ways to create more spirit for themselves and their teams. This program is based on Olivia’s own expertise and experience but uses Dr. John Izzo’s book Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths to Unleash the Power of People at Work. (FairWinds Press 1997)


Lead with Yourself: building your character at work

An individual’s habits, thoughts and words become their character, which turns into positive or negative action.  This inspirational and self-empowering workshop presupposes that everyone in the organization is a leader and each person is accountable and responsible for personally building positive character traits.

 Change occurs when we are given new skills to consider and actions to contemplate.  Participants will be given an opportunity to be introspective regarding self-empowerment in the workplace — no one can motivate you but you.  The journey begins with self.  Explore the Four Character Building Traits: Authenticity, Attitude, Excellence and Resilience and cultivate an awareness of your own behaviours.  Commit to leaving the workshop with a goal to make your workday more stellar than you started it.  Practical and tangible ideas will be discussed to support each of the character building traits.  By beginning with self and building a strong foundation, one is then capable of feeling in control of their working environment.


Contagious Kindness: embracing connection, compassion & community in the workplace. 

In this inspirational and thought provoking workshop, author Olivia McIvor, will bring to life the value of ‘kindness’ by taking participants on a self reflective journey through her newly released book, The Business of Kindness...creating work environments where people thrive.  This workshop promises to raise one’s self-awareness and personal accountability for the development of a respectful and caring workplace culture. Kindness as a core value, and as standard for decision-making, provides an easily understood ‘emotional benchmark’ for recharging and centering oneself in the midst of stress and the daily changes of today’s workplace.

 Kindness is a simple concept - too simple some might think, to provide a solution to the complex and serious challenges of work. But it is precisely this simplicity that gives kindness such power to affect change at all levels within individuals and organizations. On a personal level, each of us can relate to how a simple kind word or an offer of help from a friend or colleague can go a long way to alleviate our stress and turn our day around.