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About Ms. McIvor

Ms. McIvor has working with The Izzo Group for the past five years (coming six) as a senior advisor, gifted and inspiring speaker and knowledgeable researcher. Her background in Human Resources combined with her gifted knowledge as a workplace trends researcher has made her one of North America's leading experts on retention and culture. She assisted Dr. John Izzo in his research for the TV production and book, "the Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die", as well she was instrumental in the creation of The Generational Card Series- a four card series that assists leaders in understanding the four generations in the work place today.  Olivia has developed  a program titled "Four Generations-One Workplace" based on the book "Values Shift: Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging the Multigenerational Workforce" by Dr. John Izzo. This half-day or full day program is geared to teach managers and leaders about the four generations sharing the workplace today. What each generation needs from the workplace and what they don't. What each generation wants and to some extent expects from the workplace but also she explores the generation's strengths, skills, communications styles and valuable offerings. This program is being taught in healthcare, the power and utilities industry, hotel and hospitality as well as telecommunication and technology. With the ongoing struggle to retain the younger generations while simultaneously retaining the wealth of knowledge from the boomer and pre-boomer generations, Ms. McIvor's programs are not only timely they are well researched, practical and have given many corporations and organizations knowledge and tools that assisted them in planning for the labour shortages facing us today. Ms. McIvor also along with Dr. Izzo developed the program "People Centered Leadership" a training program designed to teach leaders how to coach and mentor. Last year Ms. McIvor's first book was released "The Business of Kindness: creating workplaces where people thrive." a book that discusses the incidence of bullying in the workplace and how to foster a more tolerant work culture. This book is an informative read full of relevant  up to date statistics that allows the reader to understand the link between conflict in the workplace and retaining the valued employees a company needs. Its a must read if you are an HR professional.

Ms. McIvor has keynoted for company's and organizations including HRMA, the Georgia Power Company, Benjamin Moore, National Money Mart, The Washington Nurses Association and many others. In each of her inspiring and information packed keynote's her audience is left feeling challenged, inspired and educated.


Working with Ms. McIvor

Olivia is a hard working individual who likes to understand a client's specific needs. She has a flare for creating master training programs that don't just teach a little...they inspire and teach a lot. If you have chosen her to be an opening or closing keynote speaker be prepared to learn, to feel and to say "WOW". She is a gifted teacher and we don't brag very often!

Ms. McIvor will want to talk with your leaders and get to know your challenges so she can create an approach whether it be a keynote, a breakout or a training program that will hit the mark.


Travel & Accommodations

Ms. McIvor, like Dr. Izzo, doesn't want to see your hard earned money pay for expenses that are just not necessary. Our office will book all her travel needs and we always try to minimize expenses. She flies most often from Vancouver, BC.          

  • Queen/King non smoking room in a hotel comparable to a Marriott, Fairmont, Hyatt or Sheraton.

  • Vegetarian Meals

  • Taxi's or rental cars, not limo's

  • Coach airfare - we work hard to get reasonable fares by booking early.

We will always communicate with you as her travel itinerary is being booked to ensure your budget remains respected.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company.