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Canadian Institute for Health Information       Vancouver Public Library     Scotia Macleod Financial       St. Anthony's Hospital      Thunder Bay Catholic School District        Northrop Grumman  Baltimore, LA, Chicago  (16 events)       Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter Law offices      Battle Creek Health         The Georgia Power Company         the Good Samaritan Society      LEDCOR     Canadian Home Builders Association      CARTA       Henry Ford Health  Center    Association for Manufacturing Excellence        Caritas Health Group        American Bar Association      WESTJET        The Learning Network         US Cellular 2007       Mercy Sioux City Health Center            TENET Healthcare Corporation             United Jewish Communities           St. Joseph's Healthcare Center      TELUS Business Marketing Group        MGM         LIFEFEST     State of Louisiana        TELUS - Consumer Solutions Leadership         LOMA Institute         Stanford Medical Center        Shoppers Drug Mart         Howard College           City of Calgary  Health Trust Purchasing Group          American Bar Association        Shoppers Drug Mart       Trinity Healthcare - Leadership conference           CSSD       KPMG - the Private 75 Conference        Group Health Cooperative      BC Children's Hospital     St Joseph's Healthcare Retreat  People Report          Shoppers Drug Mart           Whistler Chamber of Commerce    Stanford Medical Center      TELUS        BC Human Resources Mgmt. Assn. (BCHRMA)  Worldwide Employee Council        ENBRIDGE       Alberta Employee Immigration & Industry Conference         Colorado Policy Studies        St Joseph's Health Center        ATI Physical Therapy        MGM        LIFEFEST Conference         US Cellular   Mercy Medical Center  Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership


BC Children's Hospital              Shoppers Drug Mart - (Halifax)              People Report        Group Health Cooperative - Seattle        KPMG          CSSD (Catholic Secondary School District)  City of Calgary          Shoppers Drug Mart - (Calgary)       District of North Vancouver   Stanford Medical Center                LOMA Institute   State of Louisiana             Dept. of Health and Hospitals           Shoppers Drug Mart - (Toronto)          Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership - (7th appearance!)        TELUS      (Montreal)        Iowa Hospital Association          City of Burnaby           TELUS (Vancouver)          TELUS - (Calgary)           Association of Broadcasters       TELUS - (Edmonton)  Providence Healthcare (US)     TELUS- (Montreal)    Health Employers Assn         TELUS - (Ottawa)       Howard University          ORGANON Canada           TELUS  (Vancouver)        Periodontal Association of Greenville           Industrial Accident Association          AVERA Healthcare        TELUS - (Vancouver) US FOOD SERVICE         Waukesha Memorial Hospital             TELUS - (Calgary)          St Joseph's Health Center         National Education Association (NEA -Washington DC)            AONE  s  Colorado Treasury Management Association           Howard College        TELUS - Toronto and Montreal s   TELUS - (Edmonton)          Alberta Energy          US Cellular s  Trinity Healthcare - Leadership Retreat   s  Catalyst Paper         Teds Montana Grill          Electro Federation - National Convention        The Learning Network         Trinity Health System        US Cellular        City of Vancouver       NORSKE Canada (Catylyst Paper)          Hostess Fritolay (Canada)          Charles Schwab      Periodontal Association      Lewis-Gale Medical Center    s  Northwest Organizational Nurse Executive Retreat           Mechanical Services Contractors Association         TD Canada Trust        GVRD - HR Conference           Henrico Doctor's Hospital          Rogers Media  Inc.    Saskatchewan Health District - Spirit at Work Program         Pastoral Institute       Doctor's Hospital - Leadership Retreat        Ontario Nurses Association       Canadian Tourism Human Resources Council  s   Royal LePage        TD Canada Trust - Toronto       

2005  - 2004

Periodontal Association of America    US Cellular      Manulife Financial      Restaurants Unlimited  AT&T     Canadian Marketing Association      AARN     Delta Hotels         Manitoba Tel      TGI Fridays      NCCBH-National Behavioral Healthcare Association   Ohio Health-Doctor'svHospital    TD Canada Trust      RARE Hospitality     National Chaplains Conference       Life Insurance Association of Canada      Le Madeline Hotel     The Learning Network       Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce          St. Jude's Anglican Home         Rock Bottom Restaurants      PepsiCo - Corporation      Hostess Frito-Lay       Mercy Medical Center       HR Professionals Association of Ontario     The Nursing Alliance        The Liquor Board of Ontario        CJW Medical Center  Aggregate Producers of Ontario        Sun Life Financial      ASTD National Conference         Mayo Clinic         Earl's Restaurants        American Dental Association       Washington Hospital Association        National Association of Catholic Chaplains          NOKIA       Public Library Association  Cooperators Insurance         The Coaching Federation       Healthcare Financial Managers         AORN  National Convention        HR Management Association      Motion Picture Association        Providence Health System      American Legal Association     Ontario Law Association      MicaWorld       13th Annual World Business Congress        Association of Legal Administrators      National Restaurant Association      Canadian Institute for the Blind - Visions Conference          ACCESS Conference (Employee Search Firms Association)        University of British Columbia - Commerce Conference     Canadian Healthcare Association     Providence St. Francis Hospital    Trillium Healthcare    Washington Bankers Association       Christiana Healthcare   Canadian Employee Relocation Association   The Georgia Power Company  London Health Science Center     Western Virginia Hospital Association   Western Retail Lumber Association       The American Pharmaceutical Association       Retail Council of Canada   Rogers Video        Fairmont Hotels       Focus International City in Focus Conference   Northwest Teachers Association s ENCANA Corporation      Cornwall Hospital      Toy'R'Us  The Electro Federation     Bowen Workforce Solutions    The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership ( 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006)University of Great Falls       UMPQUA Bank...

by Category


Stanford Medical Center    St Joseph Health Centers      Tenet Healthcare Corporation       Mercy Sioux City   Mayo Clinic    BC Children's Hospital        Shoppers Drug Mart - (Halifax)        Group Health Cooperative  Shoppers Drug Mart - (Calgary)           State of Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals       Shoppers Drug Mart - (Toronto)         Iowa Hospital Association s Providence Healthcare (US)           Health Employers Assn   s  Periodontal Association of Greenville     Industrial Accident Association        AVERA Healthcare        Waukesha Memorial Hospital        St Joseph's Health Center        AONE  s  Trinity Healthcare - Leadership Retreat   s   Trinity Health System        Periodontal Assn.        Lewis-Gale Medical Center       Northwest Organizational Nurse Executive Retreat     Henrico Doctor's Hospital   s  Saskatchewan Health District - Spirit at Work Program        Doctor's Hospital - Leadership Retreat   s Bethany Care Society   s  California Health Care Association           American Occupational Health Nurses Assn.  s    Health Care Human Resources of CA       Canadian Hospital Association        Wyoming Hospital Association            Alberta Pharmaceutical Association      Group Health Association     American Occupational Health Conference    National Assn. of Healthcare Assess Mgmt.   BC Association for Quality Healthcare   Ontario Nurses Association       Periodontal Association of America     AARN        NCCBH-National Behavioral Healthcare Association  s  Ohio Health-Doctor's Hospital           St. Jude's Anglican Home     Mercy Medical Center     The Nursing Alliance      CJW Medical Center         Mayo Clinic         American Dental Association     Washington Hospital Association        Healthcare Financial Managers           AORN National Convention        Providence Health System        Canadian Institute for the Blind - Visions Conference Canadian Healthcare Association      Providence St. Francis Hospital      Trillium Healthcare         Christiana Healthcare       London Health Science Center      Western Virginia Hospital Association      The American Pharmaceutical Association       Cornwall Hospital  AstraZeneca           Chain Drugstore Association         Health Authorities Forum             Le Bonheur Healthcare s Providence Health System             The Healthcare Forum    Providence Child Center        Healthnet       Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy            United Health Group        Alberta Health     Providence St. Peter Hospital   Alberta Pharmaceutical Association           Providence Milwaukie Hospital         Alliance for Continuing Medical Education                Kaiser Permanente        American Hospital Association         Swedish Medical Center           BC PriCare          AAOHN          Capital CareGroup       Vancouver Richmond Health Board      B.C. Association for Quality Healthcare       Calgary Regional Health Authority       Simon Fraser Health   Region        CareWest           North Peace Health Council        California Hospital Association       Canadian Hospital Association s  Alberta Pharmaceutical Association      American College of Physicians        Citrus Valley Health Partners        Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy    Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital       United Health Symposium         Diversified Healthcare        National Healthcare Forum         HCHR                Legacy Health System            National Managed Health Care Congress         American Occupational Health Conference St. Mary Medical Center       BC Association for Quality Healthcare      Marquis Health Care      IVPCARE     Nova Scotia Health Care Association          Wisconsin Homes for the Aging       


Howard College     the City of Calgary       CSSD (Catholic Secondary School District)       Education Council of Canada        Howard University        National Education Association (NEA -Washington DC)        Michigan Fdn. Education Leadership         The Learning Network       The Learning Network      University of British Columbia - Commerce Conference       Northwest Teachers Association      University of Great Falls       Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership          HR of Universities of Western Canada         Texas Board of Education    National Conference on Community Education      BC Superintendents Association      Vancouver Elementary School Teachers Assn.      Ferris State University       H.R. of Universities of Western Canada       EASNA- Bermuda       EAP National Conference    Bradley University       Shoppers Drug Mart    

Corporate (Financial, Tele – Communications, Restaurant, Hospitality, Retail etc.)

US Cellular     MGM         TELUS - Business Marekting Group       Manulife Financial       TD Canada Trust          CIGNA       Life Insurance Association of Canada        Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce          Sun Life Financial          Cooperators Insurance       Washington Bankers Association         UMPQUA Bank         US FOOD SERVICE        Ted's Montana Grill       Hostess Fritolay (Canada)        US Cellular         AT&T       Manitoba Tel       Public Library Association          Motion Picture Association         Rogers Video   s    Restaurants Unlimited       Delta Hotels        TGI Fridays       RARE Hospitality      Le Madeline Hotel      Rock Bottom Restaurants      PepsiCo - Corporation      Hostess Frito-Lay      Earl's Restaurants    National Restaurant Association         Colorado Treasury Management Association       TD Canada Trust     Chain Drugstore Association       TD Canada Trust – Toronto       Fairmont Hotels       TELUS - ( Montreal)      TELUS ( Vancouver)       TELUS - (Calgary)       Association of Broadcasters s TELUS - (Edmonton)         TELUS- (Montreal)       TELUS - (Ottawa)        TELUS  (Vancouver)   s TELUS - (Vancouver)       TELUS - (Calgary)          TELUS - Toronto and Montreal          TELUS - (Edmonton)     US Cellular          Rogers Media  Inc.      People Report   s    KPMG       LOMA Institute        ORGANON Canaa           Catalyst Paper           Electro Federation - National Convention        NORSKE Canada (Catylyst Paper)            Charles Schwab       Mechanical Services Contractors Association       GVRD - HR Conference        Royal LePage          Canadian Marketing Association    s   HR Professionals Association of Ontario   s   The Liquor Board of Ontario  s   Aggregate Producers of Ontario   s   The Coaching Federation   s   NOKIA   s   HR Management Association    s   B.C. Pharmacy Association   MicaWorld    s  Canadian Home Builders Association        s          s   The Georgia Power Company  s   Western Retail Lumber Association   s Retail Council of Canada  s   ENCANA Corporation    s  Toy'R'Us   s The Electro Federation   s   Bowen Workforce Solutions Synovus Financial  s    Deloitte & Touche     Adhesive Sealant Council   s    Domino’s Pizza  s  SolarTurbines s     N.L. Barnes Construction     Renaissance Hotels     Ashland Chemical s   Hos Bros. Construction s   Hughes-GM s Topaz International  s   Computer Sciences Corporation   s   Homelife Benchmark Realty      RTM Resturant Management Group    s     Canadian Pacific Hotels/ Fairmont Hotels   s    St. Lawrence Cement   s    DMG World Media   s  AstraZeneca   s    Ontario Law Association  s   BC Building Corporation TD Industries s   Sheraton Wall Center    California Treasurer’s Association    s  Manulife Financial   s  Canada Life      s      Sun Life Insurance of Canada     s   Scotia Bank       s      Department of National Defense     s    Northwest Life Insurance      s Norwest Bank State Farm Insurance     s       San Diego Gas & Electric    s        Natural Resources Canada - Canadian Bankers Association    s     Saskatchewan Water      s    Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce   s  Greater Edmonton Foundation   s  The U.S. Navy      s    State of California      s   Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce     s     Real Estate Association  s  American Legal Association  

Restaurant, Hotel and Hospitality

Fairmont Hotels         Le Madeline     Golden Corral    TGI Friday's     RARE Hospitality     Dominos Pizza   Retail Council of Canada     Canadian Marketing Association     the Liquor Control Board of Ontario         Marriott Hotels      Coast Hotels    Delta Hotels        Renaissance hotels   US Food Service      Ted's Montana Grill        Hostess Frito-Lay    EARLS Restaurants      Rock Bottom Restaurants  - MRA- The Management Association        Pepsi-Co Corporation  Shoppers Drug Mart  

National & International Conferences

ASAE        Society of Consumer Affairs        13th Annual World Business Congress          American Legal Association       Society of Human Resources Management         NYSAE      Greater Edmonton Foundation     YEO       O.D.Network   HRMA- The Future of Work Conference       Pastoral Institute     City of Calgary      Alberta Energy        City of Vancouver      Canadian Tourism Human Resources Council    National Chaplains Conference       ASTD National Conference      National Association of Catholic Chaplains      ACCESS Conference (Employee Search Firms Association)     Canadian Employee Relocation Association      City of Burnaby     Focus International City in Focus Conference     District of North Vancouver       The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership ( 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006)  Soul at Work 2000 and 2002        INC. 500 Conference 1999, 2001, 2002       INC. Magazine’s Advanced Customer Service          Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals 2002      Int’l Conference on Business & Consciousness 2003         INC. Magazine’s Advanced Customer Service 2002       Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals - Brazil 2000        OD Net National Convention 2004   The National Managed Healthcare Congress 1999      CMAC - EXPO       Solutions Network- Project Management Conference     National Association of Healthcare Access Management          SHRM         HRMA        International Coaching Federation ...and many many more




and many many more...