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Conservation &   Sustainability

As many of you know Dr. Izzo donates a good percentage of his time to positions that have assisted with our ongoing efforts to decrease our imprint on our planet.

In the late 80's he was the board chair of the California Sierra Club and he attended  and participated in the 1993 International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Egypt as the Chair of the North American Environmental Caucus. He then took a two year term as board vice presidency followed by the board chairman position of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) here in British Columbia before turning his work more directly toward the corporate industry. His peacekeeper personality has always enabled him to bring opposing sides into a room, to assist them in hearing and understanding each other and reaching a compromise that benefits both. Whether it is science and religion, industry and environmentalists, healthcare and corporations his ability to find the common ground, to create understanding and move all towards change is acclaimed globally.

Dr. Izzo address audiences with his acclaimed style... educated, personal, thought provoking and inspiring that will move people towards making the  changes necessary so the environmental needs of our planet are met.


It’s Not Easy Being Green

Award winning writer, Biography Channel host and Leadership advisor Dr. John Izzo discusses the challenges faced by companies today as they continue to stay competitive, work hard to be profitable and successful, learn new and advanced market needs and stay up to date on technologies and trends, deal with a never ending labor shortages and look ahead to the pressing environmental issues in front of them. How do we as leaders keep all these important balls in the game when each one depends on the other? Dr. John Izzo presents on the values that are shaping the work world but with some added flavor…the road to retention, business success and profitability lies in embracing the current green trends. It isn’t easy being green today – but this same issue “being green” will attract the conscious workers who care about the world and this industry’s contribution to solutions. In true Izzo fashion, this program will be complete with stories of real people and real companies who are changing how we think about green.