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“Izzo and Withers take a hard look at the emerging workplace models spawned by the new economy”

Stacy Williams, Editor,

“If you want a good overview of why business is so different today from what it has been in the past-and what to do about it this book is for you! Well-written and informative!”
William Bridges, Author, Managing Transition
and Jobshift

“This book not only tells you what to your people expect from work, but it helps teach ways to deliver it.”
Peter Urs Bender, Author of the national best seller,

Leadership From Within

“Values-shift meticulously describes the six trends which are changing the face of work.”

Pete Makowski, CEO, Sioux City Medical Center

“This book will raise your thinking above the daily turbulence, better enabling you to better comprehend what’s impacting your organization’s culture”
Paul Rushforth, CEO, Strafford Foundation

"Put this book on the top of your reading list!”

Fred Barnes, President, DMG World Media

"Values-Shift offers refreshing views on creating personal ownership and heart-felt passion in the workplace!"
Todd Edmondson, President & CEO, TLV Inc.

“Izzo and Wither’s Values-Shift brings invaluable clarity to what will be required to attract and keep the best people and to earn a market-winning share of their hearts and minds.”

Jack Lowe, CEO TD Industries

“This book is long overdue!”

George Madden, President , Pinton Forrest &
Maddon Search Consultants

“John Izzo has special insight on how attitudes and personal and business values can either co-exist or conflict.”

Richard Adams, CEO, Human Services Consultants

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