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Dr. Izzo's Program Descriptions

Dr. Izzo has spoken to thousands of audiences globally and has shared the conference stage with Tom Peters, Oprah Winfrey, Ken Blanchard, Malcolm Gladwell, Laurie Beth Jones, Beverly Kaye and in March of 2007 Dr. Izzo shared the stage with Jane Fonda and Jane Arden. Dr. Izzo's presentation categories are as follows:

Leadership   l   Creating the Great Workplace   l   Corporate Culture (for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Conferences)

Workplace Trends   l  Generational Values (for Leaders, HR Groups, Business Owners and Conferences)                          

Sustainability   l   Conservation   l   Green Business (For Leaders, Business Owners, Front Line Teams and Conferences)

Inspiration    l    Motivation (for Leaders, Partner/Spouse Combinations, Conferences and Corporate Recognition and Incentive Events)

Education Specific   l   Healthcare Specific (Healthcare: Leaders, Administration and Healthcare Delivery Professionals in the US and Canada. Education: Superintendant, Principle, Teachers as well as Post Secondary Institutions in the US and Canada

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Leadership  l  Creating the Great Workplace   l  Corporate Culture


Leading In Tough Times: Engaging Your People During Change

How do we keep people engaged and motivated during tough economic times? What are the keys to keeping people on side and leading them through change? This session will explore the keys to leading people during tough times and engaging them through change. The session will help leaders understand what people need in changing times and practical ways to engage people during such times. Filled with real life examples from working with over 600 companies, Dr. Izzo will help your leaders learn the secrets to companies that navigate tough times effectively. Among other things, leaders will learn: How to keep people focused on the long term? How to engage people in change so that they help you stay successful and don’t act like victims? How to keep a climate of recognition and success even when things are tough? What are the five things people need from leaders during times of change and how can leaders deliver it? How to become the employer of choice when things are tough?

The Buzz Factor: What Great Workplaces Teach Us & How to Become One

Some workplaces have a "buzz," a definable, palpable energy that makes people want to commit and do their best. Buzz is hard to define but we all know it when we experience it. It is characterized by high commitment, passionate belief, deep trust, and a tremendous sense of pride. We have heard about such workplaces, but what is their secret? Why do some companies and organizations have what some have called "magic." In this keynote, Dr. Izzo shares a lifetime of learning from working with and researching many of these unique places where passionate commitment reigns as normal everyday reality. He will help leaders and colleagues understand the key factors that create "buzz," gain practical ideas on how to create it, and be inspired to strive to become one of those truly engaging places to work.

Branding from the Inside-Out

You are wasting your money if you think a logo is all you need to brand your company. A brand is created by the daily interaction between your staff and your customers.  Who you hire, how they are treated, whether they are engaged or not and whether they believe in the services and products they sell, has everything to do with how the world sees your brand! In this inspiring and practical program Dr. John Izzo will help your attendees understand how to create an engaged team who live the values of the brand every day.

Building Your Business Through Engaging Your People

The key to business success and growth is to have engaged people who will be great ambassadors for your business. In this program Dr. Izzo focuses on how business owners and leaders can build the business through highly engaged employees who are passionate about the business, who know what matters and deliver it to customers and clients on a consistent basis.

A Company of Owners

Every company wants their people to act like owners, to care as much about the success of the company as the CEO. Dr. Izzo has spent a lifetime helping companies create a place where every person takes 100% responsibility for the success of the company. Using his experience as an advisor to some of the most admired and successful companies in the world, Izzo will help leaders discover the keys to creating a culture of ownership where every person acts like the own the business.


      Workplace Trends    l   Generational Values      


Values Shift: Engaging a Changed Workforce

Worker motivation and retention now rank evenly with customer service as the key to holding market edge. Never has it been so important to see the workplace through employees' eyes, and cater to their beliefs and needs. This represents nothing short of a sea of change from values of even ten years ago. This keynote focuses on six major value shifts in terms of what people expect from work and are looking for in a company. It offers practical ideas on what companies and leaders can do to win commitment and increase loyalty of employees companies, Dr. Izzo will help your people understand these shifting values and how they differ across generation and gender. Find out what successful companies are doing in response! (Based on His book, VALUES SHIFT: The New Work Ethic & What it Means for Business)

Key points:
• Understand the six major value shifts
• Learn what this means for retention of employees
• Learn what leading-edge companies are doing to respond to these shifts
• Understand how these shifts differ across generations and gender
• Gain practical ideas on how organizations and leaders can respond to these shifts and win commitment from their people.

Four Generations - One Workplace:  How to Bridge the Gaps & Thrive in the Future

Winning and keeping talented people has become one of the top concerns of today's managers and business owners who are determined to weather the turmoil and emerge with the strength to dominate their industry.

How can organizations create high levels of commitment and engagement? With employees' values shifting, how must leaders shift their thinking and behavior? This program offers powerful and practical ideas on what managers can do to increase employee loyalty while responding to changing expectations. By defining the new work ethic and what it means for business, this visionary expert on engagement, retention and corporate culture will help you understand:

• Why Pre-boomers, baby boomers, generation X-ers and the net generation view work differently, and how new leadership strategies can bring out the best in all three groups
• The fastest, most effective ways to encourage employee loyalty at every level
• How to attract and keep the most talented employees by meeting the six major expectations of the workforce
• How to build the bridges that will be crucial to your organization in difficult times
• How to sustain employee engagement by making work more than just a way to make a living
• How to develop trust through open communication.

Spirited Teamwork: Everyone is Responsible

Successful teams and successful organizations are places where every associate is responsible for creating a great place to work where excellence and high morale drive success. But what are the keys to spirited teamwork? How does each team member create a place of truly spirited teamwork? Dr. Izzo shares insights and practical ideas on how each person can become responsible for a great workplace. This program has been successfully given to entire companies, large divisions and associates at many levels in a wide variety of industries. Clients often speak about how associates come back on “fire” for their role in creating a better team and a better workplace.


Sustainability   l   Conservation   l   Green Business


A Sustainable Future: The Challenge of Our Generation ***

Sustainability has become one of the emerging global issues of our time. From melting Arctic Ice to disappearing forests, there are signs everywhere that we must meet this challenge. Dr. Izzo shows how sustainability is not one challenge among many but THE challenge of our generation akin to the war the last generation fought to free the world from tyranny. Many talks on sustainability leave attendees discouraged but this program will leave your people inspired, challenged and stepping up to make a difference. This program helps individuals find the truth amidst all the noise about the challenges that we face and leaves everyone knowing how we can meet the challenge ahead. Using beautiful images, startling facts and inspiring examples of how we are already stepping up to meet the challenge of our generation, this program works for every level of the organization or for clients.

The Green Advantage: Making Your Business a Sustainable Leaders***

Surveys show that an increasing number of consumers and employees rank the environment and sustainability near the top of their list. What’s more, companies that take the “green challenge” can save costs while gaining a real advantage in the marketplace. But how does a company go “green” and become a sustainability leader? Dr. Izzo brings twenty-five years of experience helping companies to help your organization understand the advantages of sustainability while implementing practical steps to become a sustainability leader in your industry.

Business & the Green Challenge: How Business Will Save The Planet

If you are tired of “green talks” that beat up on business, this talk is for you. Business is often blamed for damaging the environment but in this program Dr. John Izzo shows that business is and must lead the way to meet the challenge of sustainability. He shows how individuals cannot do enough alone and why government is important but unable to meet the challenge. Through inspiring examples, startling facts, personal stories and practical ideas, your audience will leave seeing the important role businesses and corporate leaders will play in meeting the sustainability challenge.

It's Not Easy Being Green***

Award winning writer, Biography Channel host and Leadership advisor Dr. John Izzo discusses the challenges faced by companies today as they continue to stay competitive, work hard to be profitable and successful, learn new and advanced market needs and stay up to date on technologies and trends, deal with a never ending labor shortages and look ahead to the pressing environmental issues in front of them. How do we as leaders keep all these important balls in the game when each one depends on the other? Dr. John Izzo presents on the values that are shaping the work world but with some added flavor…the road to retention, business success and profitability lies in embracing the current green trends. It isn’t easy being green today – but this same issue “being green” will attract the conscious workers who care about the world and this industry’s contribution to solutions. In true Izzo fashion, this program will be complete with stories of real people and real companies who are changing how we think about green.


Inspiration    l    Motivation


Based on Dr. Izzo’s PBS series and new book

The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die***

What are the keys to a purposeful, successful, and fulfilling life? What must we discover about life before it is too late? Dr. John Izzo interviewed over 200 people from the age of 60-106 and asked them to reflect back on their lives. What did they learn? What would they do differently? What brought the greatest happiness and meaning? What were the important crossroads and the decisions they made and what did they regret?  read more...


Education Specific   l   Healthcare Specific


Renewing the Heart of Healthcare***

Health care is a unique "business" where a deep sense of mission is both the driver of passion and the best predictor of success. Yet many health care organizations are experiencing a loss of soul and purpose, while people take sides in a "we vs. they" mindset (management vs. clinical people, corporate vs. field, doctors vs. everybody). Dr. John Izzo has worked with over 300 health care organizations across North America and Western Europe.

In this powerful program, he will help your group understand the keys to renewing the heart health care, how leaders at all levels-from CEO's to the front line-can take responsibility for re-igniting passion and purpose at work. His work in health care renewal has been featured by Nurse Week, the American Medical Journal, Health Care Finance and many other publications. His talks ARE both practical and inspiring, and will challenge our audience to take personal responsibility for putting heart back in health care delivery.


Creating the Passionate Workplace:

Over the last several years, an increasing number of organizations and leaders have become interested in creating more spirited, soulful workplaces. Indeed, the deepest commitment comes from those who experience work as more than a way to make a living but as an expression of their values and desires to contribute. In this keynote, Dr. Izzo will explore four paths to finding more purpose and success and will help leaders at all levels discover practical ways to create more spirit for themselves and their teams. Based on his groundbreaking book Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths to Unleash the Power of People at Work. (FairWinds Press 1997)

Sacred Service: Beyond Customer Service to Compassionate Care

Almost every health care organization is trying to provide great customer service to patients and clients but many traditional methods fail to inspire truly compassionate care.  

In this program, Dr. Izzo uses two decades of experience advising health organizations to show the path to truly compassionate care-to where every patient feels loved and cared for deeply. Through compelling stories and real life examples, this program can be focused on formal leaders or to front-line clinicians. Whatever the audience: From nurse leaders to front line nurses, from physicians and to other care providers, this program will show how to get beyond customer service to compassionate care.

The Teacher’s Heart: Rediscovering the Joy & Wonder of Teaching

Teaching a great profession and also one where teacher burnout is an ongoing challenge.  Research shows that teachers who maintain passion and enthusiasm are more successful with students and have more career satisfaction. But how do teachers keep joy and wonder in their work? What are the keys to ongoing teacher vitality? Dr. Izzo explores the concept of the teacher’s heart, and ways teachers keep a sense of purpose and wonder in their work and the classroom. Rooted in his own life as a teacher, Dr. Izzo will touch the heart, challenge the mind, and leave teachers with valuable methods for renewing their work as teachers.

Awakening the Spirit of Education

Amidst all the tasks at work, we often forget that creating joyful, purposeful workplaces is a central role for leaders in education. When the soul is awake and joy is present, many of the most challenging outcomes we seek-better student scores, teacher engagement and school morale-become attainable. But how do we awaken the spirit amidst the many challenges facing educators today? In this session, Dr. Izzo will inspire your heart, challenge your mind, and bring fresh ideas on creating soul at work