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Card Series

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Awakening Corporate Soul
Four Paths to Unleash the Power of People at Work
By John Izzo & Eric Klein

Price $15.00US / $18.00 CND
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Awakening Corporate Soul
The Companion Team Workbook
By John Izzo, Eric Klein & Marion Baker

Price: $28.95 US / $34.95 CND
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Values Shift
The New Work Ethic and
What it Means for Business

John Izzo & Pam Withers

Price: $15.00 US / $18.00 CND
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Second Innocence
Rediscovering Joy and Wonder
By John Izzo

Price $14.95 US / $19.95 CND
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The Business of Kindness
Creating Work Environments Where People Thrive
By Olivia McIvor    

New Release - October 2006!        Price: $32.95 USD / $36.95 CND

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Second Innocence

Rediscovering Wonder: Renewing our Ideals
By John Izzo, Ph.D.
Audio CD - Live from New Mexico!

Price: $15.00 USD / $18.00CDN
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DVD Series (Nine vignettes total)

The Great Workplace Series is a group of select messages from workplace culture expert Dr. John  Izzo. These thought provoking vignettes will challenge all individuals in your organization to create a culture of excellence and to make a bigger difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Three DVD's with 3 vignettes on each!
DVD One: Personal Success
DVD Two: Creating a Healthy Workplace
DVD Three: Creating Workplace Excellence

Sale Price: $149.00US / $199.00CAN
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Generational Card Series



Generational Card Series that bridges the learning gaps between generations currently sharing the workplace!

Four card series that outlines in a quick reference manner - generational gifts, expectations, learning needs and motivations needs - one for each of the generations!

Price:  $45.29 USD /$40.99CND                            10 pack set                                                

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For 25 years Dr. Izzo has spoken his thoughts, challenges and inspirations. Together with his publishers he has gathered those thoughts together for you to experience. With a variety of books, CDs and tapes we have tried to create a learning process for the individual as well as the team.

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