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We are often asked to for our opinions and referrals when it comes to photographers, technology professionals, corporate philanthropists and people looking for other people doing good work. So, below is a list of interesting organization and professionals who all do great work and offer great services.

We support the following organizations:        


This website is a great learning site!  It is filled with everyday do's and don'ts!  Living a strong life begins with ensuring you have a strong heart! Get Information and learn!  (click'n go)



Nature Conservancy of Canada (click'n go)

For over 40 years, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been working to protect Canada’s most threatened natural habitats and the endangered species.                    

The CarbonNeutral Company  leads the world in helping businesses and individuals tackle their contribution to climate change.
(click'n go)

SPCA - of British Columbia  (click'n go)



Red (1.0L)the Sigg water bottle - made of light weight metal that unlike many plastic bottles isn't water soluble...check them out. Reusable! (click'n go)




Tracey Brosh - a fabulous photographer. Her eye and her abilities are unique. Great eye, great service and a personality you will enjoy!      


Eric Fredine - another interesting individual who' a master in the technology world with a keen eye for images we don't realize we actually see ourselves. Eric has the ability to take a piece of a picture and create works of art. I highly recommend you check this artist out.