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Engagement/Retention Assessment for Healthcare


Is your organization concerned about employee retention? Does fostering high levels of ownership and commitment standout as priorities? Would you like to know how vulnerable you are to losing good people right now and what vital few things you need to improve to keep them?

The Izzo Group has spent over 17 years helping leaders address the unique challenges of the healthcare industry; nurse retention and motivation, physician burnout, employee engagement, group cohesiveness, healthcare leadership change, customer service improvement initiatives, culture change initiatives and the list goes on and on. Based on the feedback we received from many of our clients about their employee population we developed a survey process specifically to test your soil and growing conditions!
In 1997 the Izzo Group developed a leading edge process based on the Four Paths in Dr. Izzo’s book Awakening Corporate Soul.

We assess the current level of employee engagement within your organization or division and then help you build a strategy to increase engagement and increase retention rates. Based on our leading edge research, we have identified the four keys to engagement. Based on this work we provide the following service:

  • An assessment of your current employee engagement level

  • A clear picture of how vulnerable you are to losing good people and a picture of what you are doing right.

  • A focused picture of the few vital issues that require improvement to enhance engagement and reduce turnover in your organization

  • A solid strategy for retaining and engaging your people

How badly do you want to know who’s staying and ready to grow?

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