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"I believe I can say... that your talk to our staff was one of the best we have ever had. Staff are saying "even the naysayers are saying it was great" and they are a critical group. Thank you for creating such energy and wonder in your talk, and inspiring a thirst for action."

Ontario Nurses Association

“This kind of optimism is energizing and sorely needed in these times!” 

Umpqua Bank

“Powerful and fun, thank you for showing us the power we have to shape change.”

Hewlett Packard

  “Workforce issues in healthcare are diverse, and hearing John Izzo’s today was THE most timely information I could have received. He is ahead of the curve and hopefully healthcare will strive to catch up!”

Kaiser Permanente

  “…your expertise in healthcare management issues were valued and stimulating.”

Canadian Healthcare Association

“The time and effort you put into tailoring your keynote presentation to my membership was evident and on target. You went the extra mile and it was truly appreciated!”

National Arborists 

“Thank you for your insight and wisdom John, your program was so inspiring and motivating. Our work with you is far from over.”

   Duke Energy

“John Izzo is the most dynamic and gifted presenter I have ever heard!”


“John Izzo’s program was both humorous and full of great ideas. A fine combination to open our annual manager’s conference”

Dominos Pizza  

“Dr. Izzo was motivating, please have him back! “ He gave me things I can do to change my workplace”

Coca Cola 

“You did an excellent job, Thank you for your inspiring and thought provoking program we are already planning next year and our attendees want you back!”


“ John Izzo is one of my favorite thinkers”

TD Bank 

7“Motivating!”“Real examples were appreciated” “Real estate is a competitive and often soul-less business thank you for reminding me to live my values and honor my life’s purpose, I can’t tell you how timely your message was for me”


 “ Your office staff were so knowledgeable and helpful, it made my our conference planning that much easier!”

The Centre for Organizational Effectiveness

“I personally consider your speech to be one of the best I’ve heard in years.”

Topaz International

“The photos you took of our staff to tailor your PowerPoint presentation were wonderful and an unexpected surprise!”


“ John is a true teacher, his genuine and thoughtful approach to matters of the heart were felt. Having him work with our entire staff was one of the best decisions made all year.”


“ Izzo brings invaluable insight and clarity to what will be required to attract and keep the best people and to earn a market-winning share of their hearts and minds.”
 TD Industries

“Extending the reach of an organization’s potential can only be done by passionate and empowered employees. Today’s workforce is trading in management layers for a clear vision which fosters personal ownership. John Izzo offers refreshing views on creating heart-felt passion in the workplace!"
 TLV Inc.

“The overwhelming response of attendees was that your talk was informative and highly entertaining. Without any doubt, yours was the most successful session of the conference.”
Healthcare Forum

“Your presentation was clearly one of the finest given in the history of presentations in the Academy.”
American Academy of Medical Administrators

“Many thanks for the excellent presentation you gave at our annual Leadership Symposium this fall. We in corporate America need to be reminded of the importance of finding purpose in our work, and creating an environment for others to find purpose and meaning. Thanks again for sharing with us your insight and wisdom.”
 Duke Energy Corporation

“In these challenging times, his message about the importance of soul and heart was right on target. We were privileged to have a speaker like John who did a great job reminding us of the chance we have to make a difference.”
Health Net

“You left the audience with a challenge to consider some of the realities that we face in education today and encouraged us to make a commitment to address at least one or two in a positive way.”
JBC School Superintendents Assn. 

“John Izzo meticulously describes the six trends that are changing the face of work. This is a must read for all leaders who want to maximize people!”
Citrus Valley Health Partners

“John Izzo has special insight on how attitudes and personal and business values can either co-exist or conflict. This perception allows business leaders to develop a company culture that is nurturing both personally and professionally.”
 Human Services Consultants


e-monials (edited for length only)


"I so enjoyed the seminar you gave yesterday for Providence Healthcare, Dr. Izzo. It was inspiring, thought-provoking and yet when I left at the end of the day, I felt very peaceful and reflective. You must have been exhausted though. It is clear you put everything you had into the day. When you asked if we'd ever had a good manager, it was easy for me to answer. You were such a perfect fit for Providence and understood our values."

"Thank you for such an awesome day"


"One person can make a difference.  I believe that even though we don't always receive timely or tangible feedback that allows us to measure our influence, we can motivate ourselves to keep trying to make a difference as one person if there is evidence that it has worked in the past.

I'm passionate about effective and honest communication, and I think you did an excellent job today.  Thank you for taking the time to prepare for your presentation by talking to the TELUS leaders.  I'll pass along your message to my team members."

Have a great day,