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Testimonials - Olivia McIvor


"Everyone was thrilled to have been able to attend and will be taking what they have learned and applying it back at their workplaces. The overwhelming comment was that now they understand why the different generations respond differently to the same situation. Some even said that now they may understand their kids better. It was a great presentation, informative and educational. This should be something presented in every workplace."

Del Windrum, SSMLT Executive Director


"Olivia's knowledge, understanding and experience in corporate training has been invaluable in the success of several projects in a wide variety of industries. She helped us to understand and fill "knowledge gaps" in our development and delivery of health and safety training materials so that supervisors and employers are better equipped to train their workers."

Terri Holizki
Industry Services Manager, Worker and Employer Services Division,


 "In just a short period Olivia built a strong sense of community and had people abuzz at their tables. The sharing was most profound and very moving. I thought that the workshop would be good but Olivia outdid herself. She has a special gift of connecting and is really a great presenter. She wowed us all. We all went home happy, inspired and more committed to offer gifts of kindness"

Rev Dale Olsen
Director of Mission Effectiveness,
The Good Samaritan Society


 "Olivia's presentation on Employee Retainment at our Annual Conference definitely hit the mark. Her ability to read the group and engage them in meaningful interactive participation was key to the learning outcome. Our management group went away with specific ideas and motivation towards being better Leaders".

Jim Stewart
Farside Restaurant


  • Loved her presentation!

  • Excellent could have listened to her all day

  • Great session - very engaging

  • Excellent - need more time with her!

Care Leaders Conference - Interior Health Region


Inspiring the Heart and Soul of Nutrition and Food Service conference

  • Truly inspiring!

  • Fabulous, an excellent speaker, dynamic speaker!

  • Must have again as keynote speaker, Excellent!

  • She definitely put the heart back into healthcare, very refreshing!

  • Olivia had statements which will alter the way I approach work and really my life; wonderful stories; excellent concepts

  • Motivating and Energizing


"Olivia is a dynamic facilitator! Not only does she come with vast talent and experience but she has an uncanny ability to connect with the employees at all levels. Olivia developed and facilitated both our supervisors and management programs. These workshops focused on 'leading with self' first which inspired many employees to evaluate and commit to personal and professional growth. I would recommend Olivia to any organization!"

Emi Hashimoto
Director of Human Resources,
Mainframe Entertainment Inc.


"The feedback on your presentation was excellent!! Evaluation comments stemmed from how informative and useful it was, to how passionate you were about the topic!"

G. Joseph
University of Quelph
Centre for Families, Work and Well-Being


"Wonderful seminar, very informational and well presented"

Treva Gardner
HR Manager,
Sandman Hotels


"Olivia McIvor gave our workplace the best Christmas gift we could have hoped for. She provided an inspirational presentation for our staff on the Business of Kindness to remind us that cultivating kindness is essential to creating a positive work environment and healing many workplace ailments. Olivia extended an additional 2 hours of consulting to help our workplace wellness committee prepare to launch a Kindness to Colleagues/Business of Kindness program in our agency. She gave us all the strategies and documents we needed to roll out this exciting program. Thanks Olivia!"

Staff had this feedback about your presentation:

  • "Opportunities like Olivia's presentation allowed us to reflect on our workplace excellence."
  • "Because of Olivia's presentation I realized that kindness already exists here (in our workplace)."
  • "Olivia helped us to be aware of how to foster a supportive environment where we can learn, grow and become better people personally and professionally."

KFL&A Public Health, Kingston,


"What a great presentation. Many thanks to Olivia for sharing her secrets to a heart centered approach to human resources. She inspired us all to take action and lead from the heart, and her bottom line results prove this approach works well from both a people and a business perspective"

Carol Page


Absolutely the best!
Olivia "rocks" such good information.
Terrific session!

Washington Nursing Retention Symposium


"Working with Olivia McIvor is a joy. Olivia has had a hand in developing all of our store level training programs: including comprehensive training programs for over 3,500 Customer Service Representatives, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, and Store Manager positions. She is focused, flexible, impactful, and really has a handle on our business culture. Olivia has consistently delivered for us, and I can't recommend her services enough."

Gary Wilson
National Training Manager,
Rogers Video