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Training and Consulting

The Izzo Group has worked with a variety of companies and associations in a range of capacities. First, we educate individuals on the growing trend of multiple generations within the workplace at one time. Never before in history has there been four generations sharing the workplace at once. Our program -  Four Generations-One Workplace is designed to teach people how to work together given their age differences and to educated all age groups on the benefits of the other generations.

Renewing the Spirit at Work and Renewing the Heart of Healthcare - are programs designed specifically to assist people in reclaiming their intentions around their careers, their lives and the choices they have made and more importantly the choices they have yet to make. These two programs are very similar - one is tailored specifically to healthcare.

People Centered Leadership is a full day program designed for senior managers and middle managers. It is a formal leadership program based Dr. John Izzo's FOUR PATHS from his best selling book Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths to Unleash the Power of People at Work (FairWinds Press 1997). Unlike many traditional leadership development programs, People-Centered Leadership® focuses less on skills and more on shaping the way leaders see their role.

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Team Development Retreats:

Leadership Synergy and cohesiveness is essential to the success of any company. Often leadership styles and beliefs among team players differ and at times causes tension and ineffectiveness, company wide. This program is designed to help leadership and management teams align values, strengths and support individual areas of growth in order to move to a new level of leadership success. This is not conventional teambuilding but more a reflective, interactive, planning program designed to enhance awareness and set measurable goals.

Inspirational and Spiritual Retreats

The Izzo Group has spent 25 years delivering thought provoking and inspiring retreats. The challenge of many organizations is balancing the needs of the people and the needs of the organization. Many retreats follow one simple principle – “You have to have healthy vibrant engaged people to have a health vibrant and engaged organizations” – no matter what industry you are in.



Four Generations - One Workplace®

It’s no longer about how workers must adapt to their employees, but how organizations must adapt to the new work world.  Partnership. Balance. Personal Growth. Community.  These are some of the values shaping the work ethic that is transforming the workforce.  An understanding of this transformation is essential for leaders who want to attract and keep the very best in their industry.  It is not our differences that separate us but a lack of understanding and appreciation for each generations qualities and offerings.

This experiential and interactive program explores how and why our work ethic is changing, the potential conflict that having 4 generations in the workplace at one time is causing and focuses on what the research is telling us about the six major value shifts people expect from work.  Tips and practical ideas on what companies and managers can do to attract, retain, inspire and communicate more effectively with their greatest asset: their employees!

Leadership Development

We have specific leadership development programs that give leaders
the skills and mindsets necessary to create highly engaged service-oriented
teams. We work hard to grow good leaders and many of our programs range from half-day programs to ongoing leadership training. All are focused on developing leadership qualities that are based on your needs, Dr. John Izzo’s work and a blend of experiences.

Renewing the Spirit of Work Program®

We offer a tested workshop process that helps staff at all levels renew their sense of
purpose and passion at work. This renewal program involves us facilitating the workshops in your organization and then training your internal people to lead them. These programs focus on helping your people take charge of creating soul and performance in their work, get more connected to their own source of renewal and become a positive force for change in your company.

People-Centered Leadership®

This leadership development program focuses on creating engaging leaders who have the skills and mindset required to sustain highly engaged teams.
Unlike many traditional leadership development programs, People-Centered Leadership® focuses less on skills and more on shaping the way leaders see their role. It helps them stay focused on the key changes that they need to make to become more engaging leaders.